AEM Infinity 6 vs 8h vs 8 Differences

We’ve seen more than a few inquiries on this lately, and decided to help clear the air some.  AEM has really stepped up their game to the next level with the new Infinity EMS, and offered a few different versions of the box with different capabilities. They make a convenient Plug-n-Play Complete Kit with jumper harness to reduce wiring greatly, which includes auxiliary connectors to plug right in to their UEGO Wideband O2 Sensor Kit and an AEMNet connector to connect to things like the Racepak iQ3 digital dash.

For Supra owners, the only things of note are the Digital inputs (6 vs 8), Analog Voltage inputs (9 v 17), Analog Temp inputs (3 v 6), high side outputs (1 v 2), low side outputs (6/8 vs 10), Nitrous control (single stage vs up to 4 stage), and traction control (2 wheel speed vs 4). Everything else is either exactly the same or simply not applicable for our applications.

As such, we found the full kit to be a bit pricey for most users. As of right now, we offer nearly the same capabilities at a price that’s $700 less. That’s right, a plug-n-play harness and Infinity 6 ECU package for 93-98 turbo Supras that is barely more expensive than the AEM v2 EMS that has been so popular for so many years!

For us, it’s simply a no-brainer. The Infinity is the next step in evolution and capability, and is barely more expensive than the v2 with our kit (check it out for yourself!). We know Supra owners tend to stick to specific brands, specific parts, and only go with the best, so we think it’s important to spread the latest knowledge and information. Expect to see the Infinity EMS on future SupraStore project vehicles…

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